the project the project

The project arises from the identification of the new emerging professional of ‘technical consultant for sustainability’. In a scenario of lack of such consultants, training of trainers able to cater for this new employment niche seems to be a suitable way of preventing the existing imbalance between supply and demand.

The transfer of innovation comes from the project H2training, that developed a curricula, and elaborated the contents for training for trainers course, both presential and e-learning mode.

By the other hand, the coordinators gives the experience and contents in sustainability fields.

In this project we will develop 4 pilot actions, where we will train trainers in the European profile (that we previously would define) of “technical consultant of sustainability”. The idea is to develop the training course using the New Technologies, even distance common classes through video streaming, if possible.

The pilot actions would take place in the area of Ifor-net, Agroinstitut of Nitra, Athena and Kek Aegeas.