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Four expert vocational-training institutions with expertise in cross-cutting areas(Ifor-net, Agroinstitut, Athena,Aegeas)and 3 technological partners (Eviroment Park, Ifor-net and Patrimonio Natural de Castilla y León).


socios fundación patrimonio

Natural Heritage Foundation of Castilla y León is a nonprofit organization linked to the public sector of the Castilla y León region. It was founded in 2004 with the purpose of restoring, promoting, fostering and preserving the natural heritage of Castilla y León, promoting the cultural, social and economical development of the region as well as contributing to the spreading and boosting of its values and their knowledge.

FPN is responsible for the management of the following Centers:

- PRAE building (Valladolid). This bioclimatic building (first Spanish public building with the ISBE international certification for sustainable building) has been conceived to act as a reference for education and training, sustainable building, renewable energies and broadly speaking, sustainability. It’s designed to hold many different activities in several areas, from the administration area to other ones used for social, technical or educational purposes: exhibitions, workshops, conferences. It holds as well the CIDA (see below).

- The FPN is also responsible for the management of the Visitor Centers in the Natural Parks Network of Castilla y León, a network of 27 Visitor Centers located in the Natural Protected Areas of Castilla y León and other natural sites with a high ecological value. Apart from developing tasks as visitor’s centers they provide with services and support to the local community.

IFOR-NET (Innovación y formación en nuevas tecnologías


IFOR-NET (Innovación y Formación en Nuevas Tecnologías) es una empresa privada con acreditada experiencia que centra sus actuaciones fundamentalmente en la implantación de dinámicas de aprendizaje, inserción, cualificación y capacitación integral, mediante programas y acciones presenciales, a distancia y mixtas dirigidas a los distintos sectores socioeconómicos y en el apoyo a la administración en la gestion e implantación de sus proyectos de desarrollo, NTICs, medioambiente, calidad e innovación.

ENVIRONMENT PARK (Parco Scientifico Tecnologico per l'Ambiente)


Environment Park is a scientific and technological park and it aims to promoting the development of applied environmental research and facilitate the integration of environmental variables and factors into the production processes, bringing the worlds of research and business together.

Environment Park supports technological research and innovation at system level, to foster the transfer of such contents to small and medium enterprises and to support the development of new laboratories.Main expertise area: sustainable buildings, hydrogen & fuel cell technologies

Agroinštitút Nitra

Agroinštitút Nitra

Agroinstitut Nitra is training institution under the Ministry of Agriculture and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic established in 1967.

The main strategic goals of Agroinstitute:

Our organisation also offers hotel services, renting of conference and board facilities, ICT services and library services.

Agroinstitut has also significant experience in development and implementation of international bilateral and multilateral projects (LLP programmes Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig, different bilateral programmes) and also mobility actions.



ATHENA is an NGO focused on empowerment and all-round support, training, counselling, and coaching of people that are disadvantaged on the labour market, including development and provision of training, guidance for self-directed learning, development of e-learning, and training for trainers.

The training and counselling activities for the TGs are aimed especially on development of soft-skills for the labour market, entrepreneurial skills, learning skills, networking skills, and specific IT and language skills. ATHENA also deals with certification of informally acquired skills for the labour market.

ATHENA networks with the Regional Chamber of Commerce, development agencies, universities, municipalities, employment offices, language schools, with other educational and training institutions, organisations active in the field of environmental issues, with umbrella organisations, and enterprises.

ATHENA carries out researches and needs analysis.

AEGEAS (C.V.T Aegeas)


The Center of Vocational Training “Aegeas” (C.V.T. Aegeas) is a private vocational training center established in 1993 in Larissa, the capitol of the Region of Thessaly, Greece, by a group of young scientists. The aim of the vocational training center was and is the meeting of the demand in the field of specialized vocational training and the utilization of the human resources of the Region, alongside the combating of unemployment.

The vocational training center is certified by EKEPIS, the National Accreditation Centre for Continuing Vocational Training of the Ministry of Employment and Social Protection. It is also certified en ISO 9001:2008 for the total of its operations and services it provides.